Naperville East Central Homeowners Organization
Preserving Your Historic Neighbourhood

What is ECHO?

ECHO is the East Central Homeowners Organization. It is a group of volunteers who care about the east central downtown residential area and is a sounding board for issues affecting the local community.

All residents within the ECHO boundaries are welcome to become members of ECHO. The East Central region is defined by 4th Ave, Chicago Ave, Washington Ave and Huffman Ave.

ECHO is very proud to have the Historic District within its boundaries.

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ECHO Mission

ECHO is an organization of homeowners whose purpose is to preserve the residential community atmosphere and character of our neighborhood. Further, ECHO supports the promotion and protection of the historical properties within its boundaries.

ECHO serves as a conduit of information for its residents to keep them informed of activities of Historic Sites Commission, Naper Settlement, North Central College, churches, the City of Naperville and other parties and institutions that may affect the nature of the community. ECHO residents will be encouraged to take an active role with homeowners, institutions and residential property owners to develop a plan for the preservation and growth of the ECHO community.

The officially designated Naperville Historic District lies within the boundaries of ECHO. This District has special legal protections, designed to insure its continuance as an historic neighborhood. ECHO resolves to defend the status of the District and to engage in proactive promotion of the District as a unique asset that is valuable to all of Naperville.

The ECHO boundaries are Center Street on the west, Huffman Street on the east, Fourth Avenue on the north and Highland Avenue on the south.

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